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3-bolt Bottle Cage for 40 oz bottles

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The Twofish 3- hole 40 oz. cage is specifically designed to hold 40 oz. water bottles, such as Nalgene, HydroFlask, Kleen Kanteen, and similar bottles from 32 to 40 oz volume and with a 3.5" diameter.

The weight and vibration of a full 40 oz bottle puts undue strain on the standard two-lug arrangement, and risks damaging the frame by pulling the lugs out.  This is why it's becoming more common to see three-lug arrangements on frames.  

The cage is vinyl-coated to provide a firm grip that won't rattle or damage the finish on the bottle.

Proudly made in the USA.  This cage is intended to be used with three lugs.  Do not carry bottles in the cage without using three lugs.